Demo Day

Rise Accelerator Batch #1

Over the past 12 weeks, 10 startups and an internal team have been working hard on solving 'real world' problems given by various teams across India Onshore business, BTCI and BSS.

This demo day will be an opportunity to witness the startups showcase their work and interact with the mentors who have worked with them over the past 4 months. This is also an opportunity for investors and ecosystem partners to have a look at some of these amazing solutions.

Meet the startups from Batch # 1:


Rockmetric is a customer data analytics and cognitive intelligence platform. The platform creates a unified view of your customers across all your disparate tools like web, email, SMS, telephony, social, support, CRM, Point-of-sale, etc. Teams can create behavioral segments to increase conversions, cross-sell products and personalise support.

The DataFlow connectors on the platforms allows clients to deliver user experiences across multiple tools. Teams can now automate reports with metrics from different tools and put data into action without disrupting existing business processes. The platform has a revolutionary robot digital analyst, ‘Alfred’. Alfred is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Alfred creates an intelligence layer for each of your applications to deliver data, insights and product recommendations through a natural Q&A conversational format.


Just like roads, railways and utilities are infrastructure to a traditional economy, data is infrastructure to a digital economy. Using proven computational techniques like machine learning, NLP and visualisation Crediwatch helps businesses make faster and smarter decisions.

In particular, Crediwatch is working with leading financial institutions to help bridge the SME financing gap. Our technologies are unlocking billions of dollars of purchasing power in small and medium businesses. Crediwatch's automated data curation platform converts data into key actionable insights for KYC, transactional banking, lead generation, risk monitoring and lending.


Capital Quant Solutions (CQS) is focused on solving the problem of exponential increase in the amount of information available in reliable unstructured text which should be analyzed for taking a trading/investment decision coupled with limited human bandwidth to analyze this vast information.

FinStinct enhances the stock coverage for Prop traders, PMS, Analysts, Fund Managers and RMs. It does this by extracting and analyzing price moving information available in credible unstructured text sources such as equity research reports, annual reports, financial statements & News etc.


Customer XPS has a patented product called Clari5Now. It is the massively scalable cross channel, cross pollinated Real-time enterprise fraud management & revenue maximization solution for global banks.

Clari5Now's differentiated approach deploys a central nervous system in Banks with the ability to stop the transaction in real-time. It is a bolt on system, requires no replacement, has with very short implementation cycle and extremely quick ROI. Their Integrated reports and dashboard gives insights on the efficiency and effectiveness of the fraud prevention.


FundExpert has developed AI backed algorithms to solve personal financial investment needs for everyday Indians. It provides Robo Advisory wealth Management Solution for Indirect Equity(Mutual Funds) and Direct Equity Products

They have 2 Primary Products - Fundexpert, an intelligent and automated Mutual fund platform which provides end-end goal, risk and wealth management services for individuals. It is backed by powerful AI based algorithms which enables it to tackle market volatility and trigger entry/exits and rebalancing signals at appropriate time.
TradersCockpit - A platform that provides automated Portfolio Management Services in direct equity to investors. It also provides an Algorithmic Trading strategies execution platform, Backtesting tools, and a Custom Dashboard to active traders.


On the internet, out of all the data that is out there flowing, 70% is text and most of the time this text is un-structured. Now to extract deep insights form such textual data is a big pain for enterprises, and this is where NLP (Natural Language processing) and thus Neuron comes into play. With Deep Learning methods, Neuron has created one of the most advanced NLP platforms for enterprises to extract deep insights from any sort of textual data

The company helps any organisation out there to leverage the power of machine learning for their marketing and growth purposes. Neuron's value proposition is Machine learning modules as a service to enterprises.


The creation of AI Based Applications is technologically challenging. ArrowAI is bridging the gap between technology and End User Products by building a simple drag and drop platform for creation of AI based Applications. You can create Chat Based, Vision Based and Voice Based AI Applications.

Arrow AI has built a few Applications like AI Based Customer Acquisition and Engagement Systems over the Platform, so the end customers can use those applications or build a custom application. Their next step is to create a marketplace of AI based applications for various domains.


Analytiqed has built a unique business analytics platform that works across spectrum of data cleansing, visualization and advanced analytics (all in one place) targeted specifically for the functions of Sourcing and Customer Profitability.

It offeres single End-to-End Analytics Platform for fullfledged analytics and meaningful insights without the need for advisory services that reduces time from information to insights due to largely automated, AI-driven analytics procedures.


Megdap has created TexLang - a Language Technology Platform, for near time & accurate language translation & response to intent. Their goal is to bridge the Digital Divide & for financial inclusion.

Through the use of proprietary technology, TexLang is addressing the language technology demands of large enterprise customers (& consumers) and connecting them to providers of language services globally. TexLang is aggregating both the demand & the supply side on the same platform.


FixNix GRC is a SaaS based GRC solution for SMBs and Enterprises for automating complex Information Security workflows like Audit, Risk, Policy, Incident and Asset etc. This will help the CxO teams of the company to stay noticed about their compliance levels and gives a great insights towards their organisations with intuitive dashboards.

Another key element to their product suite is in the HR Analytics space - using the FixNix algorithm, companies can do a predictive analysis on attrition rates, identify potential high performers and streamline the overall recruitment process.

Date : 21 Feb 2017

Venue : Rise Mumbai

#1902, 19th floor - Tower B
Peninsula Business Park
Lower Parel, Mumbai
Maharashtra 400013